Client Testimonials

Everything I learned from Liza I wish I had learned 10 years ago. If you have been avoiding, resisting, or ignoring your money, budget, or debt, stop right now. Liza customized a money plan (budget) to my exact needs, shined a light on where I was spending my money, and provided clarity regarding my financial goals and debt reduction.

Before I entered Liza’s personal program sessions, I thought I had everything under control. I had a budget but didn’t stick to it and found myself puzzled as to where my money went. Liza helped me break down my income and expenses with extreme detail and clarification. I don’t know what I would do without my money plan. I use it every time I get paid and now know exactly how much I spend, save, and pay down. I feel in complete control of my money and wish I had learned these lessons years ago.

Liza’s financial knowledge as well as her emotional support during the process is unlike anything you’ve read about or experienced and will change the way you think about your money. Liza is kind, accessible, and completely understanding. Talking about money can bring up a lot of emotions and Liza listens without judgement and helps you discover the root of your money problems and gives you the tools to stop the negative money patterns that you’ve been unhappy with. How much longer can you afford to continue the same old cycle? Get a consultation with Liza to change your life today.
— Meaghan H.
First let me say that while Liza is a Money Management Coach, she is so much more. Before working with Liza I thought I knew how to manage my money, but each month I was fighting a losing battle in late fees. My husband owns his own business, and the fall is our slow time. It seemed like no matter how hard I worked to figure out the timing of my bills, I could never get it right. I was keeping up with payments, but I realized my money mantra was, “A day late and a dollar short.”

In just over one month, Liza helped me pull all of my debt out of the closet, and examine it honestly. she assisted me with no judgement and lots of tender care. It was a bit challenging to face something that was such a challenge for me, but I enjoyed our sessions so much I kept in it. It was messy at times, but let me tell you the journey through the mess with Liza by my side has made all of the difference. In just under 2 months I had saved myself $500 in late fees. Whether you are interested in making peace with money, paying down debt or saving up for something special, Liza will work with your unique circumstances and guide you to meeting your individual money goals. Liza’s knowledge and support is priceless!
— M. Kitchen