How to Align your Spending with your Values (and Spend Guilt Free!)

Chances are, you’ve  heard me talk about values once or twice… and you might be wondering why I am bringing them up when it comes to building wealth.

The truth is, aligning your actions with your values has everything to do with building wealth--because wealth is far more than a number in a bank account; wealth is a feeling and an embodiment of abundance.


So, how do we tie values into our spending?


I define values as anything that brings you life, or brings you joy. Naturally then, if we are spending our money on things that bring us life and joy- we will certainly feel and embody abundance, right?


People tend to think that when they’re trying to budget and save, or budget and bail out- that that means that they’re only allowed to spend money on the bare minimum. And in some instances, that might be correct (if that’s a choice you WANT to make), but in most cases that’s not necessary. That bare bones spending leads to a feeling of scarcity- and a place we often can get stuck in, feeling like creating a financial future for ourselves inevitably means struggle and deprivation.

It’s important to know the things that bring you joy and life are absolutely a part of building wealth (even in the beginning stages when you’re still paying off debt), and to plan for them in your budget.

In my family, QUALITY is one of our main values. So we allow extra dollars to be spent on organic, local and properly prepared foods.

This also means, we put money aside for our family favorite, Patagonia. I know when I purchase my daughter a Patagonia jacket, that she’ll be warm. This assurance brings me comfort, and I know it’s well worth the money to buy my family a quality garment that (for us adults) will last a long time and serve its purpose for years to come.

This also means, that because I have budgeted for these things- I don’t have to feel guilty when I purchase them. I have decided that part of wealth is living in alignment with my values, and I have allotted money to be spent in alignment with them as well.

Isn’t that a breath of fresh air? It takes SO much guilt away from purchasing things we want, while still trying to build that nest egg for ourselves. And-bonus- it creates a built in filter for your spending, whether you’re aware of it or not:


You can consciously choose to spend your money on things that you value, and when you find yourself unconsciously surfing the internet or in the checkout aisle (where all the impulse buys happen) you can ask yourself: Is this in alignment with my values?


If it passes the test- great! Buy it, and save the guilt for another day.

If it doesn’t, put it back. It won’t bring you joy, you don’t need it, and it’s out of alignment. Simple as that.


What are your values? What are your non-negotiables when it comes to your spending? Are there places where you’re spending out of alignment?


I’d love to hear about what brings you life and what holds the most value to you- so be sure to shoot me an email or comment below!


As always, wealth is yours-

What do you want it to look like?