New Seeds + Song + Self Care

I can’t wait to share these 3 things that have been on my heart with you this week!

1. Getting Ready To Plant New Seeds For Spring

One of the most powerful things I have learned on my personal journey and my entrepreneurial journey, is the thoughts we think matter.

They’re the seeds we are planting and watering on a moment to moment basis… and it’s been proven over and over in my life, that what I water- grows. Yes, friend- thoughts DO become things.

I want you to take a few moments to think about the quality of the thoughts you’re planting and watering right now. Are they self-doubt, fear, insecurity? What if we planted self-love, abundance, and love? How much would our world change if we tended to the seeds that allowed up to manifest and experience joy and fulfillment?

Perhaps it’s time to plant new seeds to water this spring.

I’d love to share more with you about my experience with thoughts and how they in turn create our reality, head here to read my blog on the topic!


2. The NEEDTOBREATHE Song I am TOTALLY Crushing On Right Now

Music is one element that cracks me open. It always has, ever since I joined the band in third grade and continued with it through college. I came upon this song while working over the weekend and....well give it a listen and tell me what you think. 
Go here to listen to the song.

“Be Here Long”


3. Self-care isn’t just for Sundays.

Earlier in the week I was in one of those moods I just couldn’t shake. I was cranky for no reason and couldn’t seem to get out of my own way.

I made a split-second decision to head outside in the sun for a few minutes to breathe and collect myself- and it changed my entire day.

Turns out, the problem was that I hadn’t factored myself into any of the decisions I had been making at all that day, and what I needed was a few moments of self-care to reconnect and feed my soul.

It was a helpful reminder that self-care is a practice I need to offer myself every day.

I need to make room for me in my life, so that I can show up present and willing to make room for the people I love the most.

Some of my favorite self-care practices include: getting out into nature, doing Live workouts with my dear friend and Trainer Rachel Ibbison, meditating and listening to music. Sometimes it takes little more than 3 or 4 minutes of putting yourself first, to entirely shift the way you experience the world.

What are some of your favorite self-care rituals? I would love to hear about what works for you, or also if self-care is something you struggle with, so shoot me an email and share your thoughts with me.

I’m so looking forward to connecting with you. <3

Wealth is yours,