Why Self-Care is the Missing Piece in your Wealth Building Plan

I will be the first one to tell you that putting myself first is a PRACTICE.

There’s a big ol’ laundry list of other things that need to get done when it comes to being a mommy, building a business, and paying off debt-  which doesn’t necessarily leave much room for taking hours a day to work on your own personal wellness.

Do you feel like you are stuck in the swirl of life?

I get it.

But here’s the thing- if you don’t take care of YOU, you won’t have the energy to take care of the rest of it.

Putting the things that are most important is truly what really matters, and I know I get stuck in a cycle of life and forget that.  This is a great video to show you how powerful it is to put what matters most first.  

Your self-care practice is the thing that fills you up and reminds you that you’re doing all of that other work, to have more life in your life.

For me, I knew working out couldn’t be anything crazy. It couldn’t be something that wouldn’t fit into the budget, or take hours out of my day or leave me feeling too exhausted to do anything after I was done… so I found something that worked- for me.

I work with Rachel Ibbison, who is a rockstar personal trainer and Mama who offers at home programming and live streamed workouts that I can do in my living room or office. They last 30 minutes and put me to work, and they don’t leave me exhausting and wanting to crash after they’re done.

The effect that this small choice has had on my life and my business has been absolutely stunning. While I’ve shed some serious inches that were literally (and figuratively) weighing me down, I’ve become more vibrant, energized and clear-headed. I’ve found more energy to tackle the tasks at hand, my mood has shifted and I’m way more focused when it comes down to looking at my other goals.

Just 30 minutes a day spent solely on ME has drastically changed my ability to stay the course when it comes to growing my business, building my wealth and being present with my family.

So now, it’s your turn-

What could 30 minutes a day, of time spent solely on something that breathes more life into you, do for all of the other parts of your world?


I’d love to hear from you about what self-care practice you’ve been wishing you could add to your life that could be the game-changer for you, and what’s holding you back from doing it.

How could you fit more time and space into your days, room in your budget and a willingness in your heart to put the only person who can change your money story for you, first?


Because if you don’t- who will?