The Secret To Wealth Building....Hint: It's Not About The Numbers

We live in a world that teaches us that numbers, in one way or another, are the things that determine our worth.

 How many letters do you have after your name? How fast can you run a mile? How much did your car cost? How many children do you have? How much money do you make last year? How much do you weigh?

Let’s take that last one, for example, and spend a moment thinking about what it feels like right before you get on the scale.

 How do you feel? Is there a pit in your stomach? Are you anxious? What thoughts are running through your head?

What exactly is that scale going to tell you?

It’s going to tell you a number- but you’re going to take that number and make it mean something about your worth, aren’t you? I know I do.

The fact of the matter is- the number is just a number; it truly doesn’t mean anything.

It’s what’s behind that number that counts. 

Think about it- 150 lbs could be pure muscle, it could be pure fat. It could be fed by organic whole foods, or it could be fed by Diet Pepsi and Twinkies (do they even make those anymore?) 150 lbs is going to feel amazing when you know you’re working out regularly, eating healthful foods and taking care of your mind and your spirit- and it’s going to feel a lot differently when you’re not. 

You see, that number tells you nothing about the value of the person on the scale, or the quality of their health.

And guess what? Neither does the number on your bank statement.

How DO you feel right before you log in to your bank account? 

What does that number tell you? If we’ve been saving and paying off our debt, that number, even if it’s a small one, might make us feel like a millionaire. If we’ve been spending money uselessly in and burning up holes in our pockets, that very same number might make us feel like a failure. 


There is so much more behind that number….


 So often we don’t see a number we think we should which leads to feeding the self-limiting belief that we aren’t good enough or worthy of (insert your inner mean girl goto here).  

But much like the person who gets on the scale and then beats themselves up by binging on food; if you look at your bank account and believe any of those negative thoughts that come flying through, you’ll subconsciously make decisions and take actions that will block you from being able to receive the abundance that already belongs to you.


Money is energy. It flows in and it flows out. If we want to change the number we see when we look at our bank statements, then we must start to become aware of our beliefs around money and our worthiness to receive it.


We need to start asking ourselves about our money stories- imprints inside of us that have taught us how to spend, save and believe in our own worthiness.

The first step in building wealth isn’t about making more money; it’s about becoming aware of the quality of our thoughts and energy surrounding it,  and then identifying the blocks we have built that stop it from flowing freely to us.

Once we become aware, we can challenge those beliefs and change our actions.

If we believe we are worthy and able to build wealth, then our actions will align with that belief and we’ll begin to see our finances reflect that.

Now, this doesn’t mean you will magically become a millionaire overnight, but it does mean you will shift your vibration to a place that is open and ready to begin building wealth for yourself (even if that means the first step is climbing out of your own massive debt.)


So, how do we identify the imprints that are holding us back? 

Take some space in the next day or so to sit down and get quiet with yourself. Go back through your life, as if you were an observer, and think about how money was talked about as a child. Think about how you grew up, what your parents said and even think about how you have dealt with money over your lifetime and the words you have used.

Identify the common themes that have carried over into your adult life and list them out.

Then- ask yourself; Are these beliefs serving me? Are these things true? How do I WANT to feel about money?

Once you’ve identified those beliefs- it’s time to begin the process of changing how you speak to yourself and out loud about money when it comes up. It’s time to stop yourself dead in your tracks the next time you get that pit in your stomach when a bill comes in the mail, and instead of feeding into the worry, remind yourself that money is energy and while it flows out, it is also constantly flowing in.

Changing our money story is the key to building your wealth, because like it or not, our story is the very thing that is keeping us from it.

Over the next few weeks I will dive deeper into our money stories, how we can consciously choose to save and spend, and even some strategies on how to budget in a way that offers freedom instead of limitation. 

It’s time to understand that wealth isn’t about the number… it’s all about what’s behind it. 

Wealth is yours, my friend… are you ready to believe you are worthy of it?