Debt Pay Off + My Family

I’m rolling out my new weekly, On the Heart with Liza Witonis, where I get to share everything that lights me up and charges me forward- with YOU.

So, let’s kick this thing off right…

Here’s what’s on my heart this week:

1. Where Do All of These Hearts Come From?

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen them.

You guys, I’m not even kidding- I see hearts everywhere.

I had always seen hearts, but I REALLY started seeing them this past Christmas day when I was missing my dad more than usual. I wanted to talk to him just one more time, and so I asked him for a sign that he could hear me. Within minutes, I looked up in the sky and saw a heart in the clouds above me; and something inside of me knew with absolute certainty that it was a message from my dad letting me know he was still (and always was) with me.

And then… they started showing up all over the place. I saw them in clouds, in spills on the counter, in rocks, in the dirt of our walkway… literally- everywhere.

I realized that I was always, and probably had always been, receiving messages of assurance and love- I just hadn’t been paying attention.


I want to take this moment to encourage you to start paying attention to what’s happening around you. What we focus on in our lives expands, and we are constantly receiving clues from the Universe that we are supported, loved and on the right path.

Start looking for these signs in your life, and see what shows up. I would love to hear what kind of messages you receive and symbols show up in your life that make you feel the same amount of abundance I feel when I notice another heart guiding me on my journey.


2. Have You Ever Wondered How You Could Consciously Pay Off Debt, While Still Not “giving up” The Lifestyle That Most Aligns With Your Values?

Chances are, you’ve heard me talk about values once or twice… and you might be wondering why I am bringing them up when it comes to building wealth.

The truth is, aligning your actions with your values has everything to do with building wealth--because wealth is far more than a number in a bank account; wealth is a feeling and an embodiment of abundance.

So, how do we tie values into our spending?

I answer this all too important question, and more, in this week’s blog post, How to Align Your Spending with Your Values.

Read the full blog here, and be sure to leave me a note about what you value most and plan to bring into your wealth-building plan.


3. My Beautiful Family and Our Unlikely Story.

These beautiful souls are the keeper of my heart. I knew, more than anything, when I was working 3 jobs, struggling to make ends meet with my husband Mike, that we wanted more for our lives. We wanted a family, we wanted freedom… we wanted to be able to talk about our future and finances without it ending in an argument.


I wasn’t sure I could see a way out, but I knew my faith was bigger than my fear.


We decided to do the work...together… and we made some huge changes. I left my teaching career after 8 years, along with my side gigs, and focused on building my own business so that I could stay home with our beautiful daughter, Louise (you can call her Lou or Lucy) and watch her grow.


In less than 5 years, I was able to pay off $230,000 debt, while making LESS than I had been before. My husband and I found a whole new way to communicate and work together, and we became the family we both always knew we were meant to be.

Our love for one another drove us to find solutions to problems that seemed impossible, and now our daughter gets the gift of two present and fulfilled parents, who will never teach her about scarcity- because they now understand the key to abundance.

The same can be true for you, too. If you’re money story is stuck on ‘repeat’ and you can’t seem to get out of your own way and out of the debt you can’t seem to stop building; let me help you.

I’ve been there, I’ve done that- and now I want to show you how to do the same.

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Wealth Is Yours,