Four Ways to Counter Fear

We are at the lake this week. 
Food galore
Last night we were swimming even though the raindrops were falling from the sky.  It was the perfect way to tire out the girls for bed.
Truth be told, I wanted to tucker out my little one because bedtime lately has been a nightmare. Half the nights this past week, our two year old hasn’t fallen asleep until after 10:30. Yes, you read that correctly, 10:30PM!!!!
Last night was a little better. She was asleep by 9:00, but it still took an hour for her to fall sleep.
One thing she kept saying “someone in here”. I had no idea what she was talking about, but I just know it was really bothering her.
She was scared.
She felt fear.
As I lay with her, trying to find the “right” thing to say, I got thinking about fear.

Every time we have fear, we create a space for us to open up to things we don’t actually want to feel.

My daughter was scared; therefore her mind went wild thinking about all the scary things, how bad things could be, and then it turned into tears. This caused her mind to bounce between fear and sadness and repeating. She wasn’t able to calm herself, or even hear me when I spoke.
Every time we feel fear around money, we are allowing feelings and thoughts creep in that don't actually feel good and attack us. Some other attacks we may actually see happening are breakdowns, and emergencies.
These attacks can be life changing and often times not in a good way.
Some may leave us feeling so scared and vulnerable, not knowing how to get out or how to move forward, and stops us in our tracks of life.
We don’t experience happiness, peace, or joy when we are stopped in crisis mode.

When we counter the fear, we provide a space of trust. This is where we are safe, protected, and shielded.


Four Ways to Counter Fear

  1. Record what fear is coming up – awareness is the first weapon.
  2. Sit with feelings around the dialogue / situation that causes fear. Honoring ourselves and sitting with the uncomfortable feeling of our true feelings allows us the opportunity to actually be able to grow and move past it faster. Tucking emotions in our back pocket delays our ability to move past them.
  3. Attach an antidote to the dialogue comes up around this fear. My debt makes me feel embarrassed--> My debt is allowing me to live below my means. 
  4. Repeat! This feeling will start getting lighter and lighter.

Every time it comes up, it’s an opportunity to check in and say, does this still speak to my heart. More often than not, it does, so keep going.

It’s time to release yourself of this weight and give yourself the permission to really want what your hear wants.

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