How I Get Stuff Done!

Why Hello Dear Friend,

It’s so nice to see you again this Saturday morning.  Here are the three things that are on my heart this week!

1. Surrender

This is something I have the opportunity to practice everyday.  And, boy, is it a challenge for me. This past week it seemed like an opportunity kicked it up a notch, took steroids, and it was in high force.  

Surrender actually means releasing resistance.


When looking at it that way, I ask myself, why would I ever want to welcome in resistance?

Every night when I put my daughter to bed, one of my favorite moments is watching her actually fall asleep. The moment she sheepishly closes her eyes, her body infuses with peace, and pure love takes over. THIS is surrendering.

Can you imagine what life would be like if we surrender to our relationship with money? If we welcome in money, and treat it like our best friend.

Life would be so different.

We’d care for it, never let it disappear, love it and visit it often.

 This week, I encourage {maybe even dare} you to journal, spend an hour or an entire day, to surrender to your relationship with money and greet it like your dearest friend.

 Be sure to hit reply and tell me how it went-I want to hear all the details!


 2. My Furry Family

 I love animals. I always have. If I had my way with my favorite animal, I would have a white tiger living with me. So far in life, I have had the blessings to have Ozie and Airlie in our life! I’d love to share them with you!


Ozie is a twelve years young Yorki-Poo. He, literally, is the best dog. He loves our daughter Lucy and sleeps with her every night + nap. He loves his little play piggies, and red spaghetti sauce! Ozie even given inspiration, you can read my blog HERE


Airlie (named after Airlie Beach, Australia) is Himalayan Seal Tortie Point. She loves sleeping under the covers, and took almost two years to warm up to our daughter. Now, there isn’t a night that Lucy doesn’t say goodnight to her and give her a toy before before.  

Do you have a furry family? Share them with me- picture and all!


3. How I Get S&!@ Done

I want to share with you my favorite kickstarter drink.  I love my Arbonne Energy Fizz Stick. With this Gluten Free, Vegan Certified, Pure, Safe, Beneficial drink, I enhance my alertness and cognitive performance when I drink it! This botanical blend has guarana, green tea, ginseng combined with B vitamins and Chromium to promote energy!  (Chromium helps support healthy blood sugar).

I usually have a half in the morning and then half after I put my daughter down for her nap mid day. This is what helped me through those sleepless nights as a new mama- being up every two hours never served me. These saved me and make me feel human again!

*I love sharing the things I love, and I love Arbonne products! In this case, I am an affiliate of these products, so please let me know if I can be with you and support on this journey too!*

Wealth is yours,