What’s Your Money Story Telling You?

Hey friend,

Have I mentioned how much I’m loving connecting with you?

Because I am.

Thank you so much for being here with me every week and allowing me to share a bit of myself with you <3

Now, onto the good stuff.

Here are the 3 things that have been on my heart this week:

1. What are our inner demons telling us about our money story?

I went for a walk last week with my dog Ozie. As we were outside, I noticed how this tiny pup cast a shadow that was twice his size.

It got me thinking… how the stories we tell ourselves are like the shadows we cast. How they seem so big and scary, how they look like they’re really there- but in reality, all you have to do is shine a little light on them and they disappear into thin air.


 Because like our money stories- shadows don’t hold any substance, they’re just an absence of light.

What stories are you telling yourself about money that are keeping you in the dark? What can you shed some light on (beliefs you can let go of) that can help you out of that place of scarcity and fear- and back into the light?

Wealth begins with a belief…

So does scarcity. 

Which belief would you rather hold?


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I love connecting with you each week, don’t get me wrong- but I would also love to connect daily and share with you my own journey to wealth and what it looks like for this mamapreneur through the ups and downs.

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3. Song Of The Week


I am completely crushing, dancing-partying, obsessed with this song.

This Is Me from The Greatest Showman Track

Wealth is yours,