Leaving Room For Pizza Dates In Your Budget

Hey Friend,

Here are the 3 things that have been on my heart this week that I can’t wait to share with you.

1. The Courage It Takes To Say “Yes” To Ourselves 

I’ve been going to a horse farm in town with my daughter Lucy since she was four months old. Ever since walking, she stays away from the fence where she could climb up and pet the horses, always eyeing it cautiously, but always wanting to be near her four legged friends.

Photo Credit: Meg Shea

Photo Credit: Meg Shea

This past visit, the most magical thing happened: She finally found the confidence and the courage to climb up on the fence, fearlessly, and share a beautiful moment of connection with this sweet and loving being.

And it got me thinking… that is exactly what it takes on your wealth building journey. 

It takes the confidence and the courage to do what you’re afraid to do- so that you can have the things you’ve always thought were out of reach.

When you find the courage to have that conversation with yourself, and the confidence to say “Yes- this is the path that I need to walk”... the magic that you see here in this photo, is right there waiting for you too.

 2. Leaving Room For Pizza Dates In Your Budget

We have a rule in our home-

If we don’t value it, it isn’t in our budget. This past month, we didn’t plan for dining out, because it wasn’t something we ever needed to do. I honestly prefer to stay home and eat the food we make!!

But with my husband traveling for work, and me being a full time mama and entrepreneur Monday thru Friday, I kept finding that by the Thursday or Friday, I just didn’t have the energy to make a home cooked dinner. 

So Lucy and I had pizza dates on one of those nights- and I kept “blowing the budget” because they weren’t planned for.

But the thing is, those pizza dates became something that added value to our family. So the answer wasn’t to suck it up, cook the dinners and add more to my plate- it was the awareness to add room in our budget for next month so that I could enjoy those nights off without all of the added guilt that came with them before.


Your budget isn’t meant to be something so unrealistic that it doesn’t leave you any room at all to breathe. 

So make sure when you’re writing out yours that you have realistic expectations for what your life will look like that month, and the funds that will allow you to live it- while still striving towards your wealth goals.


3. Why Self-Care is the Missing Piece in your Wealth Building Plan

If you’re anything like me- you are probably not the highest person on your priority list. 

But there are so many reasons why you should be.

I dove in to why self-care is the one practice you should always build into your wealth plan, and why it makes a difference in this week’s new blog. 

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Wealth is yours,