What is Your Epic Shot Of Life?

This past week I had a photoshoot nestled in the downtown life of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This experience was completely new to me as because it's the first photo session for my business! Super exciting and nerve racking all at the same time.
During the shoot, my wonderful photographer, Kristin, would direct me as to how she’d like me to look at the camera, where to stand and what to hold.
Kristin would shout out different things like a director:
Chin out
Turn your head here, here, here, YES
Leg in
Arm flat
Butt in
Hand over your elbow
Throughout the session, I thought about how awkward it felt to move my body in such a way.        I told Kristin this. She nonchalantly replied,
“I know it feels weird and uncomfortable, but trust me on this. I know what looks good photographed.” 
Being an amateur, of course I listened despite how uncomfortable it was in the poses and more awkward at other times. 
{If you see the photo above, only an expert could capture a shot like that}
When we’re experiencing new things that we are not used to, we think the uncomfortable feeling is actually “bad.”

Sometimes we even categorize the feeling as fear. Truthfully, it is our body, mind and soul experiencing something it has never before and so it doesn't KNOW how to process the new experience.
My first time completing a budget for my money felt very similar to how I felt posing in my photos.
I felt contorted.
I felt uncomfortable.
I felt annoyed.
It was the first time I thought about my money in terms of the whole month rather than paycheck to paycheck.
I tried to figure out how much I spent on groceries, and find that one paper that told you how much you paid to register your car last year.
As uncomfortable as it was, I knew deep down in my heart and soul this was the next step in having wealth freedom I wanted.
I wanted more,
more freedom,
more giving,
more presence in my life.
I wanted to write my own epic wealth story and I knew this was the first step in doing so.
I started my wealth journey five years ago this November. It was bumpy at times AND I’ve fallen off and gotten back on.
Now, I see my epic shot—
I’ve left my life of working three jobs and feeling crazy.
I work from home building my businesses while being present for my daughter and husband.
My husband and I paid off over $200,000 in debt.
AND, we don’t fight about money, ever.
I am an expert at making financial epic shots.
I know it will feel weird and uncomfortable, but trust me on this. I know what your financial freedom looks like.