Gas Tanks, Bank Accounts and Virtual High Fives

My gaslight came on in my car.  When I saw it on, the first thing I did was look at my dash.  It tells me how many miles I have left in my gas tank.
Okay, I have forty miles left.  I’m good, I thought.  I’ll continue my errands and get gas later. 
Off to the playground, mommy play date, and grocery store we go!

Inside we went to start the evening schedule with dinner, bath and bedtime.  I never thought about my gaslight again.
And then, this morning, the same gaslight was on.
But now the dash had a dash-dash-dash where the miles were.
I have less than 10 miles in my gas tank left. 
Of course I do.  I went e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e

Now that I am on my way to an appointment (and, no, of course I didn’t leave time for me to gas up). I feel super uneasy in the driver’s seat.   
My chest starts to tighten.
My shoulders start to tense, and move closer to my ears.
I have a whirl of anxiety and pit in my stomach.
I was in that place. I only had SO much left. Only so far I could go, and I felt the sensation of barriers, boundaries, and constriction. 
Why did I wait so long?
What if I am on the highway GOING to get gas, and run out? 
What if I am stranded with my daughter?

What if, what if, what if… rushed through my mind. 
Instantly, this triggered something in my mind.  This feeling I had known oh too well, and it is comes rushing back into my life way too fast.
This is the same feeling I get when my bank account goes below a certain number.  We all have that specific number that triggers this feeling and reaction.
We clench onto the last little bit that we have.  No matter what we do, the faster it goes, and the harder it is to hold on to it. It’s like holding a noodle with chopsticks.
I am here to tell you ---
It doesn’t have to BE this way.
You don’t have to FEEL this way
I am living proof.
Five years ago, I knew something had to change.  I was living paycheck to paycheck and making no progress. Heck, my bank accounts were always pushing zero and I didn’t have a savings.  I could barely make my payments on my bills, let alone my credit cards and student loans.
The very FIRST thing I did was start an emergency fund. 
An account not attached to your checking, meaning, you only have access to if for an emergency.

This loosened the tightness, the weight, and the swirl of anxiety.   
I like the feeling of being prepared, being covered, and having somewhat of an idea of what is coming. 
$1000 in my emergency account.
Even though this seemed like such an unrealistic task, I just took it one step at a time. 
You can do it too.
You may being saying – Liza – you’re crazy.  I don’t have $1000. I can barely pay my bills, my student loans, and for gas. 
Breathe and Hear. Me. Out.
This is the first step on this financial journey in life. 
You will find the money. 
You’d be surprised with the places you’ll find money.  Those running shoes in your closet that you just had to have, but don’t wear.  Electronic devices that are two generations old and that workout equipment that has now become your clothes drying rack. 
Thirty dollars here and hundred dollars there, begin to add up. 
The best part is watching that emergency fund grow
This next week I challenge you to do TWO things:
Open up a savings account JUST for your emergency fund.
Find three ways to put money in this fund. 
You get bonus a virtual high five if it’s more than $100.

Did you set up an account?  What tricks did you do? 

Tell me. Comment Below. I would love to celebrate you!