I Was Financially Obese

I had my physical in January. Once a year I get to see my wonderful doctor just for existing.  This appointment always starts with getting on the scale and seeing how much I have grown. 
Being short, I always am excited to make sure they include the ¼ inch I have in height!
But I must say, I always hate the scale.  This year I had lost weight since last year, but still not at the weight that I feel like I should be.

Actually, according to my numbers, I’m obese.  This means I have too much fat for my body.  There is more fat than what is considered to be health for my weight. 
After I hear this not so new information, I think to myself, I know everything I need to change this situation.
I know what my caloric intake is to lose weight.
I know the amount of exercise to do everyday.
I pick out the habits that I can change daily.
AND still, I feel these words weigh me down even more than before. 
If you think for a moment, at the end of the month, when you look at your bank account; do you feel the same way?
Do you feel this same heaviness? Shame? Embarrassment?
Your check is deposited. Thank goodness because you only had $5 left to your name.
Your tax document arrives and you see how much you made this year and ask yourself where the heck has it all gone?
When you are working full time, holding the family together by everyday routines and life, but you feel like two more jobs are needed just to keep up.
Holy hell---do I hear and feel you!!
I have felt these same feelings and thought these same thoughts.
When I began my financial journey, I was Financially Obese.
I couldn’t pay my bills.
I was working full time AND two part time jobs.
God forbid, I have an emergency.
I knew I needed a trainer to kick my ass financially and empower me to get back on track. I wanted to FEEL better and PHYSICALLY function better.
I had my mindset muscles flexed.
I had interval training with every dollar I earned.
I had money prepping so my money was planned for the whole month.
Just like the extra fluff I have on my body right now, I had too much fluff around my money decisions—thinking back on it now, it was more a lack of money decisions.
Where did I start?

With myself.
Honoring that fact that I wanted things to be different.
Different for me
Different for my relationship with my husband
Different for my future family
I said yes by asking a professional and dear friend for guidance and help.
I had the hard conversation with my husband, and, to my surprise, he wanted this shift just as much as me.
We asked ourselves, what do we want from this? How do we want to feel when we are done?
We surrounded ourselves with people that helped and supported us.

We had each other, we had our trainer, and we had another couple that was in the same financial mindset as us.
Here’s the thing.
I know YOU can do this too...
I was you just five year ago. 
Now, five years later, I’m running financial marathons and I want to show and empower you along the way. 
It starts with honoring yourself, asking yourself, and saying yes.

Declare to the world what it is you financial want and how you want to feel in the comments below or send me an email!
Virtual High Five