Driver's Seat -- You Get to Choose

Buckle Up -- We're Going There

I saw you just put the weight on your shoulders and slump in your seat
It is this sacred thing. 
Life cannot function without it. 
Yet, it causes so much distress, heartache, and destruction. The majority is on the inside where people have no idea. 
They see you smile, but don’t feel your heartache. 
They see your Facebook life, but don’t feel the weight you are carrying.
They see you posing for a date night with your spouse, but don’t experience the tears in exchanging words about money with your spouse. 
Money has such an emotional and physical trigger on us.  We attach our happiness and success to what our money provides for us, rather than what we presently have in our life. 
We forget.
We forget it doesn’t have to be this way.
We forget we are NOT alone.
We forget this is the story we’ve always told ourselves, but it doesn’t have to be this way. 
(Trust me, I forget too)
How would it feel to release this weight?
How would it feel to discuss money in a loving way?
How would it feel to feel secure and empowered?
When we think about money in a practical sense, it does many things for us.
It is truly, just a thing.
It’s metal, paper with value attached to it. 
It’s a “medium of exchange.”
When we exchange our money, we get specific things back: food, a car, gas, clothes, services, and experiences.
Put simply -- this is how money works
We are the only ones who attach emotion to the exchange. 
What if we looked at money in a matter of fact way just as we do with walking, breathing, and driving?
It’s in our life for exchanges to survive. 
It just is.
Let it be that way. 
We get to create our own reality.
Things have been the way they have because it’s the way it always has been, but NOTHING (let me repeat), NOTHING has to stay this way in our lives. 
You get to be in the driver’s seat and choose.
Are you going to observe life happening to you, or are you going to create your own reality?
Start by choosing your thoughts based on how you want to feel with money.
Write them down. 
Having a place where you can physically reference and reference it, often.
We constantly remind ourselves where we are, where we are going what we currently have. 
This helps me stay in line with where I want to be on the financial journey. 
Having a spot physically where you can reference this, often.
Let’s jump on a call to chat where you want things to be, how you want to feel during this precious opportunity called life.

Virtual High Five