Target -- The Sanctuary

I couldn’t get in the car fast enough.
Earlier in the day, 8:57am to be exact, I popped my head into my husband’s office and said “I need time tonight” in that desperate tone that you say while gritting your teeth.
My daughter is in a HUGE developmental leap right now. She is learning six or more new words a day. And, is in a full-blown mommy stage. I think I hear Mommeeeeee, mommy, mama, literally, e.v.e.r.y minute. 
Most days, I have the patience and I’m okay. Today was different and I felt it. I knew my patience was thinning and all the little things were just piling up.
I needed a break.
I needed alone time.
I needed time…. outside of the house…. BY MYSELF!!!
When the time came for me to escape, I was practically running to the car.
As I was driving to the store, CRANKING the music.
I was in my happy place. Taking deep breaths, rejuvenating myself.  I had a blast walking through the store, not even buying anything.
The love in my heart was swelling for me.
Honoring my soul.
Honoring my heart for what it needs in order to be my best self.
If I’m not serving myself first, I won’t be able to serve anyone else (including the ones I love most).
What if we chose to do this with our money too?

What if we had money set aside specifically for the one and only YOU?

What if we put the power behind our money to truly serve you, your heart, your soul?
Every month, my husband and I set aside money for each of us.
This is our money that we get to CHOOSE what we want to do with it.
We can buy a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g we want as long as we are within what we set aside.
How do we do this?
We sit down before the month begins, and lay out our month financially.
We input our expenses into a spreadsheet.
We decide on how much we can fit into the budget for us.
We take out that cash and put it in our wallets.
Then, we spend it however we want to!
Just like we honor ourselves by asking for breaks in life, we honor ourselves by setting aside our personal money too.
You can do this too.
You are allowed to do this.
Give yourself that permission.
Give yourself that permission to honor you on all levels so you can fully love, be present and care for the ones you love most. 

Virtual High Five

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