How My Dog Reminded Me To Look At The Path Ahead

I was walking my dog, Ozie, this morning in the long awaited for 50-degree air.  The birds were happy as can be. The sun just rising over the trees in the distance and the warm glow is being poured into my soul.
As we approach the main road, the cars and students started piling up at the school bus stop. Ozie, was very interested. He’s seen this people many times before, recognized them, and wanted to say hi.

As we walk forward, he kept turning back to look.

I kept redirecting him to the front because I wanted to get back before my daughter woke. After telling him to come with the slightest leash tug, he would willingly keep moving forward. This happened many times until the bus came to pick up the children.
This got me thinking…when we see the glimmer of what we want our financial life to look like, we think about all aspects of it.

What is happening now.
How we got here
The mistakes
The gifts
AND imagining what it could be like

When we’re ready for a change, it’s like a switch is turned on.

This switch welcomes the flow of learning, stretching, and growing.
With all of this change our mind get freaked out and makes us focus only on what we already know.
Our past.
We keep looking back (just as Ozie did)
Looking back at the mistakes, screw ups, and what ifs.
Looking back isn't going to stop happening, so let's do this:
Remind yourself why you started this journey.
Have a plan to help empower yourself BEFORE you jump down that rabbit hole
Lean on the people you’ve shared your dreams with.
As I kept reminding Ozie to look ahead – with a slight tug -- look ahead to the path in front of him.

Change happens now or in future, not the past.
Keep taking those small steps, daily.
Keep trusting the path, hourly.
Allow experts to lead you where you know you want to go, but aren’t sure how to get there. 
Do you have tugging on your heart to make this change?
Do you know what you want, but don’t know how to get there?
It starts with you.
Say Yes.
Say yes to your dreams, to how you want to feel because it really is possible.

Let's do this together!
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