30,000 Foot View Of A Lightning Storm

Just about two weeks ago I was on a plane to Vegas for a Global Training Conference for Arbonne. It was late at night, and most of my plane-mates were sleeping, I happened to look out the window. Before my eyes, I saw a lightning storm happening below the plane. How lucky was I to see a 30,000 foot view of a lightning storm.

The clouds would light up and illuminate the beautiful fluff of cloud around it. I saw the cloud next to it quickly light up with the electric shimmer.
To see this storm from this perspective - so high in the sky - the bird's eye view - what a gift.

Life allows us to feel all aspects of our own storms. The thunder that shakes our core. The lightening that is blinding for us, sometimes even so bright that we can not see the way. The wind thrashes us around like we are leaves on the pavement. Raining washing away all that we have. 

We think this IS it.
We think the only thing we can do is BE.

What if we were able to weather the storm and see it from the 30,000 foot view?

Hop in that plane, and fly above the storm. 
Allowing ourselves to observe the growth.

Witness the opportunity to see our situation as a MOMENT of change.

Provide the breath in between the impact of each element.

Empower ourselves to go beyond where we ever thought was possible. 

When we are able to see the storm from above, the lightning that once blinded us now illuminates the path of change for us and it shines light of where we CAN go.

I've been in this storm before.
I was working so much, I didn't even know if I was coming or going. I was spinning.
Not knowing where my money was going and never having enough to pay my bills.
Wading in the water that was above my head in debt. 

Five years ago, I jumped on that plane and I was ready to rise. 
To see my storm as a beautiful opportunity to create change for myself, my family, my daughter. Rewriting my family wealth tree.

I chose to go up in my plane, see the beauty of my storm and discover my paths to change.

Are you ready to do the same thing?