Guilt Free Mother’s Day

Hey Friend,

 Here are the 3 things that are on my heart this week:

 1. Happy Mother’s Day To The Woman Who Taught Me What It Means To Be A Mom


My beautiful Momma, mothered me for 31 years. Unconditional love, growing pains, experiences and incredible support have shaped me into the woman I am today. 

THIS moment, changed my life. July 28, 2015, the moment I became a Mama, and my Mom became a Nana again.


The magic that lies in here is the last two and a half years of being the best Mom I could, my Mother has supported, loved, and cried by my side. I have witnessed the love she has for me through a whole new filter. Watching her love our daughter and seeing the love reciprocated has been priceless.

The connection of Mommy-hood and true love, on such a deeper level, has given me a different purpose in my life.

Being a Mom has given me the courage to step into who I really am.
The honor to TRULY love myself again.
The bravery to teach money in a life-changing way.

PS- Happy Mother’s Day to all of the other mama’s out there. (Human and furry kids alike) This world is a better place because of the love you give. The work of raising a kind and compassionate being who loves themselves and others is the greatest work there is. I hope you spend some time celebrating YOU today <3


2. My Go-To Shake (For Mama’s On The Go!)

If you like ice-cream (and if you don’t- I’m not sure we can be friends…) you’re going to LOVE this shake!


I drink this in the mornings to fuel my day, or when I’m running around and only have 2 minutes to come up with something that will nourish + satisfy me.

Healthful food is a non-negotiable for me- energy is everything, and a huge part of our energy comes from the quality of the food we put into our bodies.

Make sure you have your favorite protein powder handy (plant based is my favorite!) and some healthy fats such as avocado or coconut oil in the house for sustained energy- and throw your own recipe together next time you’re in a bind and need to eat real food-real quick!

Please share your favorite recipe with me! I’d love to try it out.


3. Quick Tip For Any Special Occasion: Mother’s Day Guilt Free

We celebrated Mother’s Day guilt free because we were intentional with setting the money aside!

At the beginning of every month (yes I said every month), my husband and I sit down and write out our expenses for the month! Knowing that May is Mother’s Day, we added a new category, and set the money aside not only for our Mother’s, but also for me.

This still allowed the element of surprise to be there WITH guilt free buying because the money was already set aside when my husband and daughter went to buy!

You can apply this to any special occasion that comes up (birthdays, Father’s Day, July Fourth, etc.)

Wealth Is Yours!