Lessons from My 2-Year Old

Hey you!

Whewww! This past week was one for the books. After a life changing weekend at the Ignite Your Soul Summit, I spent much of this week reflecting and refueling my filled and tired heart.

 That being said, there is so much to share with you this week as a result!

 Here are the 3 things that are on my heart:

 1. Having The Confidence To Be Exactly Who We Are

I’m going to take lessons from a 2-year old for today’s e-mail, because sometimes it’s in the spaces that you’d never guess that we get the lessons life has been trying to teach us.


My daughter Lucy had a little accident last week while she was outside playing basketball, and she ended up having to wear a bandaid right smack in the middle of her forehead. What struck me about this, however, was that when later we were at a friend’s house and Lucy would have the chance to realize that no one else had a bandaid on her head like she did... she didn’t even flinch. She was just as confident as ever, didn’t shrink down, didn’t try to hide what had happened- she just went on being exactly who she was.

The lesson here, friends, is that when we’re content with who we are- we don’t worry about what other people think about us.

We don’t worry if we’re budgeting our money while our friends are out every weekend spending theirs, we don’t worry if we have to say “no” to the impulse buys and the impromptu nights out or buying the generic brand of fabric softener… because we are just being who we are.

We are living in alignment with what is true for us in this moment, and so if that looks a little different than what everyone else’s lives looks like- rock that bandaid and be proud that it means you’re doing what’s true for you- and nothing else matters.

 2. Finding Your Tribe

I spent my weekend in a room with 200 incredible women (and a few amazing men as well). We shared our stories, cried with each other, danced with each other- we connected.


I can’t tell you how many times in my life as a mamapreneur I actually feel disconnected. Being at home with my daughter and only seeing people through a computer can sometimes make you feel like you’re all alone… so this weekend was kind of like the most therapeutic dose of “tribe” I possibly could have gotten.

It filled me up in ways I can’t explain. If I could offer you one thing, it would be this: we are not meant to disconnect from the world.

We are meant to be plugged in, we are meant to be together.

Make sure you find some space in your life to find the hearts that call to you and GET you… and once you find them, hold on tight.

3. Let’s Get To Know Each Other… Here Are Some Fun Facts About Me :)  

Because… why not!?

1. I was a musician and singer growing up, and actually played the flute in the school band. Music was one of the things that really filled me up when I was younger, and still does to this day.

2. I love field hockey.

3. I LOVE GUMMY BEARS! Probably more than anyone should. We can’t even have them in the house or I will eat the whole bag in one sitting (I am being serious).

What about you? I’d love to know some fun and random facts about who you are, why you connected to me and what lights you up. Respond to this email and let’s connect <3

 Wealth Is Yours,