Asking for What You Need

Hey You,

I hope your week was beautiful and you have been enjoying the first long weekend of summer!

Here are the 3 things that are on my heart this week:

1. The Gift Of Not Taking Yourself So Seriously…

In case you DIDN’T notice- since starting my new weekly newsletter “On the Heart”... I’ve renamed it a few times. One week it was “On the Hearth”, and last week it was “On the Heath!!”

(Insert laughing face and palm to forehead emoji here!)

Sometimes I’m just so excited to know I’m about to send you a little love note that I forget to, you know- check for any typos!

But here’s the thing- it didn’t upset me. I didn’t freak out. Actually, I just laughed at myself.

I’m running a household and raising a human and building a business… and sometimes I make mistakes! (Who would have thought?!)


So here’s your friendly reminder to not take yourself so seriously this week.

The only thing that’s the end of the world, is in fact, the end of the world.

As a bonus- if you’re willing to be the butt of a joke every now and again- your life can make for great comedy… and doesn’t laughing make everything feel lighter?

I thought so.


2. Asking For What You Need Makes Life Easier

I know it would be great to be able to do all of the things by yourself and with grace without ever batting an eyelash… but that just isn’t real life. To be honest, this is how I did most of my life. 

We are a tribal species for a reason… not just because we need connection… but because we need each other.

My husband has been traveling Monday thru Friday since January. When I finally allowed myself to give in to this fact and reach out to friends and family and ask for help (without judging myself for it,), my life became so much easier. I felt free, I felt productive, I felt like my cup was finally able to be filled. I was the Mama and business owner I wanted to be because I asked for the space!

Maybe we need a friend to give us a ride somewhere, or watch our kids (and sometimes we just need a friend.) Maybe we need an accountability partner, or a coach to help us move towards our goals. Maybe we need to be alone for a few hours without anyone around to recharge…

Whatever it is that you need, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Life isn’t meant to be walked around with the entire world on our shoulders- the weight of that world is meant to be shared.

What have you been needing that you have been avoiding asking for?


3. It’s Memorial Day Weekend!

It’s the first long weekend of summer and the summer weather has arrived! So yes- you know Mike, Lucy and I have been outside all weekend!

I always try to remember though, what this weekend is really I wanted to pop in your inbox this morning so we could remember together.

This weekend and today we remember men and women who have sacrificed their lives so we could live our own freely. No matter what your political views, we can all agree on one thing:

We are so grateful for the price they paid for us, so that we wouldn’t have to.

In between runs through the sprinkler and flipping burgers on the grill, be sure to take a moment to feel that gratitude.

I know I will <3

Wealth Is Yours,