The Lesson I Learned From a 70-Years-Young Jogger

Hey There,

I'm over the top excited to share the three things on my heart this week!

1. Why Community Matters

When I first started on the path of my journey to wealth, I have to be really honest- I felt completely alone.

I didn’t have anyone to lean in to, I felt like I was the only one of my peers swimming in debt and I didn’t know what was possible for me because no one had ever told me anything other than the stories I had been hearing my whole entire life.

The more I reached out and connected with others on a similar path, the more I realized that I was never alone. I found that so many others had the same experiences and had big dreams for their financial freedom. The more connected I felt, the more I was able to stay the course and be lifted up by others who were in the arena with me finally claiming the abundance that was theirs.

Which is why I created Wealth is Yours- to offer you the same community of support and connection that I had wished I had had all those years ago. So you can have a space where you can go to when you feel lost, when you need inspiration- and when you want to celebrate yourself with people who will understand.

We can’t do this alone, friends- and we don’t have to.

If you’re ready to claim the abundance that’s been waiting for you, and to find a group of people who will lift you up while you’re getting there- set up your Breakthrough Call today!


2. Lucy’s First Lawn Mower Ride + Carrying on Traditions


One of the ways I feel connected to my dad is through carrying on traditions that we once practiced together while he was still with me.

One of our traditions centered around mowing the lawn- so as I watched my little girl and my beautiful husband cutting our grass the other day, I couldn’t help but relive all of those moments with my dad and feel completely connected to him.

The thing about our habits and traditions is that they connect us + allow us to carry parts our ourselves with us through time- and while that’s a beautiful gift, it sometimes can hold us back.

We all have traditions and habits around our beliefs about money, about our worth and about ourselves. What are yours? More importantly, are they connecting you with a part of yourself that you want to carry with you and relive for the rest of your life? Or is it time to let them go and create some new ones?


3. The Lesson I Learned From a 70 Year Young Jogger

I went out for a walk the other day to spend some time in the sun, and as I walked at my own pace an older gentleman rushed right past and out ahead of me.


In that moment I had the insight that this was an opportunity for me to stand in my power and remind myself that I am exactly where I want to be- and that I don’t need to speed up or slow down in order to match myself with anyone.

So many times on our wealth journeys we can feel the conviction of comparison, embarrassment and failure- because we’re looking to see where everyone else is so we can judge ourselves for where we are. 

Only you know what you can do in this moment- and only you know what feels good and right in your life.

When you remind yourself that you’re not running anybody else’s race, or walking anybody else’s path- you realize that it feels pretty amazing to just keep putting one foot in front of the other on your own.

This is your journey to wealth- and you’re doing it perfectly just as you are.

Wealth Is Yours,