Wishes and the Little Things

Hi You!

I hope all is going well over in your corner of the world.

I’m sending you this little note all the way from Tennessee, where I’m spending the next few days at a Dave Ramsey event! (Just a side note to remind you that investing in your own personal growth is never a waste of money <3 )

Here are the 3 things that are on my heart this week: 

1. How Many Half-Wishes Are We Making?

What would life be like if we are actually honest with ourselves about the things that we truly want, the things that we wish for- instead of half-heartedly “trying” to make them happen.

Just like blowing out a candle, or blowing the puffs off of a dandelion- making our wishes come true requires a deep breath in and full breath out.


The same goes for our wealth dreams- we’ve got to get all of our strength and all of our energy behind them and in front of them in order to see them come to life.

The life, the love and the wealth you wish for are yours- it’s just your job to fully commit (deep breath in...full breath out) to seeing them come to life.


2. Take The Time To Witness And Experience The Little Things.

I spent some time last weekend in my yard, weeding and mulching (26 bags of it!) all day long.

I needed to take a breather for a few minutes, so I just walked around my yard and stopped to see this beautiful monarch just resting in some flowers.


It reminded me of how often I am “on the go” in my life and getting stuck up in this head of mine thinking of all the boxes I need to check and all the things I should be doing…(all the yeses here)

And it also reminded me of how many times I miss the tiny beautiful things that are sitting right in front of me because of it.

This isn’t another opportunity to scold myself for not being more present, but a gentle reminder to all of us that when we get the chance- take the moments to be HERE, in our lives, witnessing the simple moments of magic that are happening all around us.


3. Happy Father’s Day To All Of The Incredible Papa’s Out There

My father is the inspiration for how I write this newsletter (always sending me hearts) and I know he is always with me.


In fact, he is an inspiration in so many ways in my life- even if he isn’t physically here with me.

I now see him through my husband. Michael is the best Papa to our little Lucy. My heart is so full having him has my husband, and our daughter's Papa!


This weekend, take some time to remember the incredible men in your life, whether they’re your husbands and fathers to your own babies, your own father figures, or the men you know who have stepped up to the plate to help the children they love know that they are safe and cared for.

“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.” - Antoine Francois Prevost

Enjoy your day my friend, and as always, remember…

Wealth (happiness, life, joy, love, abundance, love…) is yours.