Three Takeaways from Doug Ramsey’s Conference

Hey There!

If you follow me over on Instagram, you know that I was in Tennessee last week at a conference with Dave Ramsey.  Here are my three biggest takeaways from the conference!

1. We Were Created to be Fruitful

Did you know we ALL were write to be fruitful and successful? Yes, no matter where you are in this journey, you were put here to have money and be successful.  Let's take a moment to see if you ARE where you want to be.

1) Do you like where you are?
2) If yes, skip to number 3. If No, know you don't have to like where you are. I didn't like where I was five years ago. 
3) Take ownership with conviction + control by getting clear on what it IS you really want. 
4) Journal: What is your vision, your desires? Where you see yourself in the future? What do you want for your family, life and career? 

These, are your dreams. 

Once we are clear on our truest desires we are then able to make baby steps to what our hearts really want. 

You, my friend, can do this. Write back, and tell me what came up. Let's get those dreams known and let's start taking the steps to them! 

2. You Have Been Given The Amazing Power to Decide

Mathematically, anyone in America can become a millionaire throughout the course of a lifetime. Yes, your behaviors and habit play a HUGE part into this outcome. 

We have been given this amazing power to decide the things we want in the lifetime.  

If you conceive it and believe it, then it can happen. 


We have this incredible power to decide and to #CHANGE our path, our legacy, our rightthisminute. The first step is deciding that you want things to be different.  


3. Money Doesn't Decide--You Do

I used to think that my money problem was because I didn't make enough money as a teacher. I held on to this story for a very long time, and every year that I did, I never felt like I made enough money.  Once I released this story, five and a half years ago, I paid off over $250,000 in debt (and no, we didn't sell our house). 

I was able to do this because I believed I could and because I learned that money doesn't decide, that I DO.

We have the power to decided how to have money and how to use it. 

It starts with breaking our beliefs and filtering out the old thoughts with new ones. When you put clean and clear thoughts into toxic thoughts, over time, it will replace the toxic thoughts.  If you put different thoughts/habits/professional into your life, you will get different things out of your life.  

It's time to step into our opportunity to break the generational patterns we've seen, and do things differently! 

You have the power to change. You have the power to make little shifts in your life now, so that the ripple effect can have bigger impact! 

Wealth Is Yours,