The Work, Paycheck to Paycheck & The Power

Hey Friend,

I hope you enjoyed the first full week of summer and heat (at least up here in New England).  For the record, I am not complaining! I've been able to enjoy a lot of water time with our daughter, Lucy!

Two week ago we had the Strawberry Moon + the change of seasons and the full moon are always the perfect times to release what is no longer serving you and call in what has been waiting for you. What intentions did you set this week? Hit REPLY on this email when you’re done reading and let me know- I’d love to hear about them!

Here are the 3 things that are on my heart this week:

1. #DoTheWork

There is no other time than now to do the work that our fellow sisters and brothers in our country and across the globe need us to do.

We could sit on the sidelines and pretend that nothing is happening- or we can opt to make a change… and change always begins- in our lives, in our finances, in our world- with us.

I just signed up for this 30 day #DoTheWork challenge to join the journey to find out the ways I can be part of the solution. Will you join me?


2. What Living Paycheck to Paycheck Actually Means

I hear my clients say this all of the time, and I understand how frustrating it is. Trust me- I was there. I worked 3 jobs and my husband and I were just barely making ends meet.

But the truth was we didn’t have a plan- we didn’t know how to use the money that was coming in in a way that served us in the present, but also served us in the future.

Living paycheck to paycheck means you aren’t paving the way for an easier future. It means you’re not putting aside money for the things that will inevitably arise. It means you’re not building freedom into your life in the now- or down the road.

Once Mike and I were able to shift our own mindsets around money, write up a budget (you know- the thing you think is like a ball and chain but is actually your permission slip to FREEDOM?) I was able to stop hustling, and we were able to pay off over $250,000 in debt while making LESS money.

No, I’m not lying.

When you create a plan for yourself that shows you exactly where your money is going, where it’s being leaked, and how you can redistribute it to allow you to save for emergencies, holidays, vacations or even just a well earned shopping trip, you realize that you always had more than enough- you just needed a little help seeing how it was possible.

If you’re ready to see what’s possible for you on your wealth journey, Schedule Your FREE Strategy Session today!


3. The Power Of One Drip

Do you know how powerful water is? We were at the beach with our daughter this past week and made castles. Lucy loves to destroy the sandcastles as soon as we make them. Luckily, we have established the habit of her asking first before she does!


Her typical way of destroy is with a classic foot stomp, but that day she decided to try something different. As we traveled to the ocean with the bucket, she wanted to put water in it. Playing in the water, picking up rocks and shells on the way back, we finally made our way back to the sandcastle village we had made.  

As she sat down next to one castle, she asked permission to destroy. Then she pick up the bucket of water and slowly started to dribble the water on top. As the water was dripping on top, the sandcastle quickly washed away. Then she dumped the whole bucket on, and the sand castle was destroyed.


Can you imagine the power of one little drip of inspiration/thought/action in our own lives? 

One little drop of change has the ability to make such an impact and truly change how things look. 

If that is only one drop, can you imagine what a whole bucket looks like, and, have it be in your financial world? 

You have the power to take one little baby step to create that change your heart and soul has been craving for months, probably even years.  

When we started our wealth journey just over five years ago, I had NO idea how it would impact our lives. The freedom to switch careers and truly be the best Mom, Wife, Friend I knew I could be. Pay off over $250,000 in debt. Have money and freedom to do and buy the things we want.  

The thing is, you can too. One decision, one thought, one baby step at a time.

If you're unsure of what that looks like in your life, and what it to be different, hit reply. We can begin the conversation!

Wealth Is Yours,